Friday, May 11, 2012

Have you formed your "ALBUM OF IMPRESSIONS"..

Impression” quite an impressive word when we think since our childhood times

Let us go through the entire journey of impression which we form since childhood till the time we realize what impressions are all about.

When we are children we get impressed by one of the child from the peer group, who is supposedly the wealthiest in terms of colourful stationery, chocolates, sweets, toys etc. We, as children, get so highly impressed by that kid and unknowingly he becomes the “hero” in our eyes and that’s the first impression of that person which we carry with us.

Then as we grow a little older, we reach the fifth grade. Then amongst the teachers, the one who is the most friendly, sweet looking, pays quite a lot of attention to every activity of ours becomes the most impressionable teacher. Her impression gets us carried away to such an extent that we sometimes want our mothers to be like them too.

Adolescence is actually quoted as the “most impressionable age in a child’s life”. This is the time when we become much more aware in regards to the opposite gender. This is the time when a number of people can leave a number of impressions on us and which we blindly love to follow or start idol worshiping the same. It’s the tender age and not our fault then. Then the best looking boy around, who can also speak well and is aware about impressing girls is the most impressive one in comparison to the others. We fall for such people very easily and fondly too.

After this age, there is a break on this journey of forming impressions till the time we enter college. Do you remember your impression about a professor in college? Usually we all do. In college the professors who probably do not even realize that they are falling prey to all these impression realities. They just have to be knowledgeable and smart on their subject, that’s about it. We all get impressed by such professors and suddenly start taking keen interest in his subject.  Also in some cases, students use to shift or change sections for professors, that use to be a bit too much, if I come to  think of it now.

Then we hit the most crucial part of our lives the corporate world, where we meet a number of people as colleagues and have a number of bosses. But I guess even bosses do make a mark in our lives.
I took you all through the entire journey of impressions as to make everyone realize something so obvious yet not clear. All these people since childhood, who made or created some impact on us, who were impressive enough, yet they did not have an ever lasting impression. Do we remember each one of them, or maybe even one of them every single day or in every single moment of our lives? I guess we do not, as they haven’t been so impressive as a matter of fact.

But there is someone whom we do remember every single day and in every single moment of our lives. It’s the Supreme power, the Divine God, who was so impressive on us that we cannot alienate the impression. This is something which is embedded in us very deep for us to realize so easily. His impression is the guidance we receive in our everyday lives. We cannot separate ourselves from it. We probably never realize the depth and the vastness of this impression but keep banking upon it as well as demanding wishes whenever we are in times of need. 

Salute Him for this ever lasting impression on us!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Do you really “PAUSE FOR A MOMENT” ???

Usually life is a roller coaster ride for all of us, irrespective of our nature of work or profession we are into. It has taken a fixed place in one of the lifestyle challenges we face. From the time we wake up in the morning till the time we retire for the day this is our state of mind and body. Even if our heart and soul want to pause for a second, we quite sub consciously skip that moment. The mind has already ordered the heart not to make such choices and keep up the fast pace with the rest of the body.

As children we always use to hear our parents say that we should “pause for a moment”. Even while having a full glass of milk or water they use to ask us to pause in between at least once. Then it seems like one of the most boring, time wasting, elderly nag which I couldn’t relate to at all. I always kept thinking that they aren’t aware of the number of activities which we need to attend to.  Those activities were already preoccupying the head. Then how could we actually pause for a moment and not do anything.

But I guess these are few lessons which we eventually learn after we have moved ahead and eventually mature in life. Which was then a total waste of time now probably isn’t so at all. Rather I totally feel its importance and its essence in the true sense. When we are talking, we should actually "pause for a moment" to think, structure our thoughts and then share it with others, rather than just say it in a hurry without even thinking what difference it made to any other person listening to it. Slowly, pausing would become a habit and obviously this entire process would also become faster with us b’ cause of practice. We should be rest assured that people who are interested in listening to us would wait for us and not be impatient towards us.

Even in this roller coaster ride, people do respect and follow that person who thinks before talking, which only becomes possible when that person believes in “pausing for a moment” and practices the same too.
Not only while talking, this should also be practiced when we sit in solitude. Various thoughts keep crossing our mind and we hardly focus on any one particular thought. Then it’s actually an achievement when we can pause and stop all the random thoughts and feed energy to one fully positive and crucial thought. With this we utilize our positive energy and also manifest our thoughts in the right direction.

One very crucial moment where we really need to “pause for a moment” is when we are angry or disappointed with someone or maybe because of something. That is the time we need to check ourselves the most before we speak out. As the maximum amount of negativity travels then and we do not have much control over our thoughts and speech then.
If we can “pause for a moment” then, then it  is quite possible for that person to inculcate this as a habit or develop this into his/her second nature.

There are so many situations in life where we realize that had we paused for a moment, we would have saved ourselves from a lot of effort of thinking about some petty issue on a 360 degree scale. Also utilized that same energy somewhere else more positively and creatively.

Try to “pause for a moment” and make things simpler!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Journey of a wandering soul!

I would always remember the day my MBA results came out. It was one of the best days of my life. I was indeed the first one in my family to do a post graduation. My parents were totally thrilled and were full of happy emotions. This was the best phase of my life but yet again the struggle had not ended here, completely. The campus placements were on for jobs; students were getting placed day in day out. There was rejoice, sadness, patience, tension all personified all over the campus. I was one amongst a few who were waiting for their kind of a job profile. This wait was being displayed on me through mixed emotions which were a combination of tension, patience, tolerance to some extent, risk and perseverance. The day the company came in for which I wanted to sit for the interview & I received the job, I was on cloud nine. I had eyes full of tears reflecting happiness. First time in my life I had felt and realised what people used to refer to as “khushi ke aansu “. That day in a way all struggle and suffering had ended paving the way for the “moment of happiness”. At the bottom of my heart and at the top of my mind I was pleasingly relieved that I would not have to pick up anymore books to study. I was done with it, no more of studying and learning was required.

After working for 4.5 years in different companies, I realised there was a feeling of stagnancy in me. I wasn’t progressing much on the knowledge front. Work had become monotonous and whenever there was a situation to be handled, the way out was also decided out of the usual couple of options which were tried and tested. Every year I used to go and meet my Professor in college in Bangalore. We use to discuss work, life in general and I always used to end up telling him that this wasn’t what I wanted to do, or this is not providing me enough satisfaction and happiness. Though I was successful on the job front but there wasn’t a feeling of total elation anywhere. Everything was very robotic & mechanical. After a few months I realised I had to take a grip on the situation and correct this. I eventually left my job. And after leaving my job I got myself enrolled for yoga sessions, guitar classes and started reading a lot; a hobby which I had practically forgotten that it existed.

Out of the blue a friend called who had done a Tarot reading course lately. After hearing that, I bombarded her with a number of questions and a long list of questions kept adding on. She did answer the questions in whatever time she could spare for me. With this session I had become totally curious about Tarot as a subject. Like how it worked, the science behind it etc. I started inquiring about it in details. I wanted to take up the course in Tarot and learn this in details. During the course I felt a sense of satisfaction which I had not felt earlier ever. As the course progressed it gave me more and more happiness. I felt as if in these years I had actually stopped feeling happy on small things in life. Through this entire course I felt totally rejuvenated. I had got back myself to a large extent which I had lost somewhere while keeping up the pace with the corporate life.

It made me realise something truly that it wasn’t just that I had stopped learning. This stagnancy had affected all spheres of my life. I had stopped being genuinely happy, somewhere I had stopped seeing enough reasons to be happy. I had stopped making efforts to care for people who were close to me and similarly even life wasn’t caring for me enough. I had stopped laughing my heart out as I felt life wasn’t even providing me enough options to do so. As the energy I was emitting the same was getting attracted by me. I was just flitting over life. This was a total lesson in its own. I realised I should never stop something which is good and healthy for me. I should always keep this going and stagnancy wouldn’t even touch me. And even if I feel it is catching me, I should start with the correction process immediately.
After finishing the course I thought of immediately starting with the practice. And not behave like ordinary people who eventually do start but late. And from then it is me now, who is professionally practicing Tarot reading full time and enjoying it totally!

Without action there is inertia, procrastination, fear and avoidance.

Friday, April 20, 2012

What would you depend on INSTINCT or INTELLIGENCE?

There are many instances in life where we really cannot take a call and say very confidently that it was the instinct which helped us or it was the intelligence which guided us through. All of us have natural intuitive power. Few of us have this power in a more developed fashion which we call as “the sixth sense”.
Whereas intelligence is a natural aptitude or gift which we further nourish and feed with knowledge. Many experiences in life are a mixture of instincts and intelligence. At times we fall prey to certain situations which are not so happy ones and then we naturally resort and depend on our intelligence for a way out. But in few situations we are lucky enough to get signals from our instincts to guide us out of such fixes.
We all know admission of a child in a metropolitan city, in the right school since the inception of his educational journey is very crucial in life for the child and is a priority for the parents. And generally this becomes a very painful, difficult as well as a tedious experience in totality.
My parents were also a part of this when they were trying their level best to get my brother admitted in one of the best convent schools of the city. He was facing a number of admission tests and interviews. He was a very intelligent child and quite a witty child too. So the interviewers always enjoyed the experience of interviewing him but parallel said that they could never assure success. So like all the other interviews this one was also a brilliant one and for a change the Father who had conducted the interview had mentioned that he was a brilliant child. Through this entire interview my parents and the Father had developed quite a nice and fast rapport with each other. Once finished with the interview they were out in the common area where all parents had assembled, my brother was his usual with his sunny smile up his face and my parents were fully content and satisfied. Here after such an amazing session normally we presume success, it comes quite naturally to us. We do not think on the lines of not being successful. But here their intelligence and experience after weighing all options was pushing them to believe that it would be totally successful; but their instinct said this would be unsuccessful. The day the results came out he did not get through. It was sad news but somewhere they had already felt it earlier or were pre informed through their instincts. The same day they happened to meet the Father who had conducted my brother’s interview, he was also taken aback to know the result, but he did add that “we cannot take in all the intelligent students; we need a few average ones also”. Here intelligence kept saying there is something wrong and he would get through but the instinct had already informed that it’s not happening.
Now let’s analyse a situation where intelligence succeeds over instincts. A friend of mine has his own organisation which is a process dominated work place. The firm isn’t people dominated or dependent. It’s quite an old organisation in its category and even the employees are working there since many years. Due to which the employees had developed a laid back attitude towards work and had also started taking things for granted. This friend of mine had got into these fire fighting activities which he knew would not help him at all. His business would grow only if he would have focussed on the processes involved rather than wasting his energy in such activities. Here instead of focussing on his instincts if he would have used his intelligence and improved his processes used in work he would have got a better control over the situation that too much faster. Here we see intelligence would have succeeded over instincts.

"Instinct is intelligence incapable of self consciousness – John Sterling."

Happy exploring!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Life is all about deciding our future and destiny.

The time when we became responsible enough to take our own decisions our parents or guardians very happily delegated this chore to us.

Whenever something good happens or few of our decisions culminate successfully we always tend to think it was the right choices & decisions which we made in life because of which we were successful. But what we generally cannot see is that these decisions which we made in life were just steps towards the larger picture of destiny.

It is like, we are just playing our parts by taking decisions and these decisions are episodes in the final act, which is the destiny.

God has somewhere decided and planned our destiny; we just keep plying our roles. The people we meet in our lives for a short or a long period of time is all pre decided by our cycle of karma.

Another important governing factor to this is the energy we emit; we tend to attract people with the same energy. If we are positive towards life in general and all are actions are governed by positiveness then we attract all positive people. Then we finally end up saying “I was really lucky in life, I always met the right people at the right time.” Whereas on the flip side when we are totally negative towards everything in life our each action emits negativity then we tend to push away whatever little positivity which tries to enter our lives. And then we result in saying how unlucky we have been in life till date and nothing good happens to me etc. But, never do we actually introspect and make conscious efforts to change our attitude & energy towards each aspect of our life.

By now you should be aware that you are the sole performer in moulding & designing your destiny. Now it depends upon your selection of the kind of people you would want to attract & add to the path of your life.

So go ahead and start introspecting and exploring.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What has 14th April 2012 got for us?

Let’s see what does the New Year has in store for us?

This is the year of Wisdom, Spirituality, Observation and INTROSPECTION! WOW!

Do we all know that the “year 2012” is included in many prophecies & is important spiritually, hence also called the “year of SPIRITUALITY”! It actually shows that West Bengal is also making its way into this prophecy.

This year it’s all about “doing the right thing” be it a small gesture, a small thought.

Work success & recognition is well within grasp in this year, even if no one else is watching, you need to be conscious in regards to your actions.

Love & romance have taken a back seat for the year, not much focus is there.

Finances need a conservative approach, gambling is a wrong idea; invest in conservative stocks/bonds/mutual funds which have a good track record.

Health wise you need to take care of yourself, do not ignore any slightest of health challenges.
Spiritually you would emerge feeling more refreshed & renewed do not push yourself for socialising, let it come to you naturally.

Introspection & Wisdom is high on the cards!!!

You would receive learning from a mentor who has been there in your life, or might have just entered. 
 Learning from the mentor would be on several levels.

A year when you would want to know the truth behind everything surrounding you

Quite a year of revelation!!!  Happy exploring!

Friday, April 13, 2012


All of us are leading our lives in a very demanding world. To survive and make a decent living there is immense competition to tackle.  While tackling all this competition and in discovering our own survival strategy we get trapped a midst a lot of problems. But as the spiritual Guru “Param Pachaimuthu” states ----

“There are no problems in life,
There are only situations to face & situations to handle

Similarly, Tarot is a medium or a guiding light for people who are looking for ways to handle serious situations which arise and grow due to our own karma (doing). Tarot cautions as well as prepares us about the future. It tells us to channelize our karma in the right direction so that when the Supreme power or Destiny provides us with a golden opportunity we are in total positivity to grab it.
So all the people who are confused which paths to take;  what lies in their future and who seek guidance about their souls are seekers to the field of Tarot reading and can give Tarot a chance to transform their lives for a better, brighter, future.

What does Friday, 13th of April 2012 has in store for us??? Let’s check out…

General: This day talks about being generous towards people, or people being generous towards you!!! I guess either ways it’s great! Keep your ego’s aside for the day and generosity could be in terms of lending your time to someone, or maybe your shoulder, it’s not only fiscal.
Work: For people who are in jobs and have been looking for a raise or seeking a new job with a better pay, then it’s the perfect day for you. You may out of the blue feel work has improved today, delays have been taken care of, a person with power would be of help.
For entrepreneurs, if you have wanted a funding or a loan through a bank or any financial institution then this day brings in total luck, things would be on a total positive note for you.
Love: If you are already in a committed relationship, you could expect to have a happy, generous, fair and balanced relationship for at least a while. Expect an equal give and take relationship in terms of materialistic as well as spiritual realms. If you are single & ready to mingle then this day shows up, that you are likely to meet someone new who is positive, kind, and generous. This may come about via an introduction from someone you know. Make sure you let people know that you are "looking" for a partner.
Finances: this day doesn't point to windfalls like a lottery win, money for which you have worked hard for, is on its way. More money is very likely to be coming your way. Equally, this shows a need for you to share what you have financially. What goes around comes around. So, if you were planning to bet on today’s IPL match watch it!
Health: The day points to an upward increase in your health and vitality. If you are dealing with serious illness already, this card points to a new and improved healing modality or healer coming into your life. This person or situation will be very helpful. Think positively and expect the best, and do not hesitate to ask for healthcare if you need it, regardless of your financial situation or insurance status. Believe in the point “help is always available.”
Spirituality: This is a clear indicator that it's important to share your spiritual understandings with others. Undertake dialogues, in whatever way you can; don't keep it all to yourself. Your life will deepen immeasurably if you reach out

Happy exploring!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Every day in our life is an event, a time for celebration in one or the other way; it is just how we perceive life and a variety of things which life is composed of. We need to appreciate life to understand the happiness knitted in the nitty-gritty’s of it.
All of us generally & usually have the basic “unsatisfied” nature. How much ever we move ahead in life we keep pushing our goals a few steps ahead. We do not stop and give ourselves the appreciable pat on the back, saying “well done buddy or it was a great job”. Rather we stay unhappy because of all the preconceived notions created by our own selves in regards to being happy. We keep repeating or hearing that we should not worry and try to stay happy but never clearly do we ever take a step towards achieving it. A very basic and simple example to make it clearer is the street beggar whose survival strategy is very simple, not at all complicated and is only for a day. He would never worry for the next day which is supposed to arrive but hasn’t yet arrived. He has a day oriented goal for himself and when he achieves or reaches that, he just simply enjoys it and takes full pleasure in being content. He doesn’t start worrying about the next day to come. He sleeps satisfied at night which how much ever he has received throughout the day and also thanks the Almighty for the same, and prays to keep him happy. He takes each day as it comes! This teaches us another very important thing that when we worry about a situation which hasn’t taken place or happened, and there isn’t a guarantee of it happening also. We live through the worries in our imagination, we perspire on it, and we fret on it already in our imagination. So basically we have lived through the trouble without even before it really happened in actuality. It has just been created in our reel lives which has a place in our heads. Now, if that problem really happens in real life then it’s the second time we indulging ourselves into trauma, stress, pain and anxiety. Whereas, if in the first place we would have not thought about it in such details we could have saved ourselves from a lot of sadness. Why go through the problem twice, once by living it in the head and twice by actually enduring it.
So, we should make the best efforts to keep ourselves positive. Positivity attracts positivism & negativity pulls negativism. So why pollute our aura when it is way easier to cleanse it by staying positive.
With this I remember a friend of mine, who had the basic nature of thinking negative first irrespective of any situation, positive thoughts had to be pushed into him that too very strongly. It was more like a childhood deficiency in him; which almost made this characteristic inseparable from him. The principle which was applied to him was to show him the larger picture in life. With people like him who readily get attracted to the negatives first and keep believing in them, these people understand the simplest of stuff also in the reverse order. In his case the phrase “DON’T WORRY; BE HAPPY” never worked. He had to be taught to stay focused only on the latter part of the phrase rather than on the first part. He was told to put efforts in just staying happy, by that, the not to worry part was automatically being taken care of.
All of us in some way or the other have to change our attitude towards life in totality, if we want to be happy. This has to be done on the following focal points:
*      Appreciation: Whatever we have achieved in life or received in life from the destiny or the Supreme Power, we should be thankful and grateful towards it. It keeps us focused on what we do have, rather than what we do not have and also helps us stay there. We start counting even the small blessings we keep receiving in our daily lives and which keeps us happy, preoccupied & makes us feel good all the time. The end result to this is a more & more enveloping & omnipresent state of happiness.
*      Believe in yourself: We need to have complete faith & belief in ourselves. Whatever is required to gain success or to be successful in life resides in us. It is like the Magician card from the Tarot deck, who has all the powers residing in him; it is just the positive thought which is required to manifest the dreams into reality. This is the most important factor in our lives.
*      Enjoy every moment of your life: We should try and enjoy every moment of our life to the fullest. Happiness isn’t a destination which we would reach after walking along the path, but it’s the path itself. Finding and sensing happiness in the smallest of ways is the way to live life. It’s the journey which makes us a richer in experiences .Take pleasures in all the small things, actions which create the path to the final destination, the ultimate goal of life. Do not skip these small yet important pleasures in search of the destination.
*      Keep it simple: Think simple, live simple, be simple, enjoy simple stuff like listening to a song wholeheartedly, painting a portrait, sharing a laugh with someone, reading a poem and gauging the beauty of it, watching a bud bloom into a fully fledged flower or it could also be watching the rising Sun which brings in all hope and positivity. Live life as if there is no tomorrow, and this is the last moment of being totally ALIVE!
Finally we should make a conscious decision of staying happy by “CHOICE”. We need to believe in the point that we want to stay happy, it should be embedded in our genes that whatever happens we would stay happy. No situation should be able to move us from this happy state. Whatever tragic happens should affect us in a minimal way that too only superficially. Our basic layer of happiness should not be tarnished even by a fraction.

This conscious effort of staying “happy by choice” is & also should be made the “thumb rule for life”.

Invite, embrace happiness to your lives & it would multiply out of proportion in all directions enveloping you completely!

Happy Exploring!

What is your sense of SPIRITUALITY?

What is spirituality for me? Am I spiritually inclined? Is it the religion? Or is it the idol of God whom I pray to everyday?

Since I was a little girl, Mom always told me there is “the Supreme Power” who protects us from all the bad and evil things in the world. She always used to tell me to spend at least a couple of minutes in the puja room after the morning shower. This spending of couple of minutes in the puja room was a habit inculcated because of Mom’s everyday instruction.It was just like brushing my teeth every morning, quite fitted in my genes with a conscious effort. As every child blindly follows its parents’ instructions at that tender age without asking for much explanation, Mom always explained stuff to me before asking me to follow it. When things are explained logically they stay with us forever. She told me that these two minutes would provide me the strength and courage to remove any fear that enters my mind. The prayer or the talk which I was trying to exchange with God in those couple of minutes was perfectly divided into steps. The first step was a prayer which meant “O, Supreme Lord, you are alone everything to me; you are my mother& my father; my friend & my beloved companion; my knowledge & my wealth.” This was something which was known to me by heart as it was repeated every morning. Initially I was struggling in memorising the Sanskrit words and then the correct diction, as my mother was very particular & stressed upon the right pronunciation. In a nutshell I had gauged the meaning and the essence of the prayer as “O Supreme God you are all in all to me!” The second part was more important in my eyes as it was requesting God to provide me with sufficient amount of common sense so that I could survive the day well. It would help me in making choices during the day & guide me through my decisions. And last but not the least of the prayer was thanking God for everything.  This was the mantra that I have been performing even before I started realizing the magnanimous existence of God.
Now, that I am ascending on the age ladder, I have been on a continuous progression on these thoughts as well. It initiated with a two minute ritual which has become practice without a demarcation of time & is no more restricted only to the morning prayers.
Whenever I find myself in confusion, need clarity in thoughts or maybe it’s a feeling which I experience and cannot put across in words, I share it with Him. It has been gradual through the years that have passed by and with every new day the connection is becoming clearer and stronger. It’s not necessary to feel the connection through words every time; it’s also the sequence of events and realizations.
It’s like going through a timelessness phase, where I feel I am moving towards “the purpose of my existence”, at times without even having a check on date and time.  The goal or purpose is evolving every time, it’s not constant. The current purpose is to help whomever I could; in whichever form I could provide happiness to them. For example by sharing a laugh with them which could make a difference to their lives even if it’s in a small way!
Dealing with splits is no longer possible. What I think is very close to what I say, and that is very close to what I do. So there is not much of a gap in thinking and finally doing.
Sensitivity towards the surroundings, nature, people, thoughts, music, actions, and usage of words has increased. Everything around has lost focus yet things are still very much in focus. There is a silent acknowledgement of all the forces acting behind any situation. For example, whenever the breeze blows & the blades of grass sway, in response a happy feeling passes in the heart which in turn brings a smile on the face. You start feeling to be a part of the omnipresent cycle which is embedded & connects every being of the entire universe, knowingly or unknowingly. This connection is felt and experienced by me.
My sense of judging people, situations, failures and success in life has transformed. I have started looking at things from a different point of view. It’s no more black or white, it is surely grey! I avoid extremes and look for the middle path in life, which has a mix of both bad and good. I have started conserving & utilizing my energy for better & higher purposes in life.
A feeling of love with all possible people or beings, whether it is a complete stranger, or a pup, or a close one or maybe it’s no one at all, but there is still a feeling of love present.
The sensation of nothingness where nothing is so important or crucial to me, but I still have clear demarcations on my list of priorities as per my duty. No loss makes me totally sad and neither is there anything that would make me happier than what I am already experiencing. Yet I still feel the pain in the cry of a kitten or a pup, who wants the shelter of its mother.
I feel like a wanderer. I belong to everything. No longer there is a sense of being apart.
Positive energy envelopes all around and which emerges from within. There is a silent smile, joy, happiness which keeps you going all the time, but actually this happiness, joy and smile has no evident reason or rhyme; yet it is omnipresent & everlasting.
A sense that something; somewhere; someone is sheltering me & is enveloping me in an aura of protection. The voice which I hear inside when in doubt is clearer than my own voice, that instant guidance which I receive when in doubt the minute I close my eyes and think of Him. The feeling that someone is so very -very close to me is inseparable.
The feeling of being ALIVE totally, eternally, the addiction towards life has taken a supreme place. The magnetism to go deeper into the undefined magnanimous presence of the Supreme, is driving me, motivating me and pulling me towards my actual purpose for what I am here for.
So, this feeling has graduated from an idol to every possible atom present around me and it is still growing!
This is my sense of spirituality; it’s not restricted to any religion, to any caste or to any fixed form of God!
Keep exploring and find your sense of spiritualism!

Happy Exploring!